1. Can I use Psalm 1 everyday? How much do I use for each application?

Yes, you can definitely use Psalm 1 Nourishing Facial Oil every day, especially as the oil promotes the skin to heal from dryness, redness, or irritants. We recommend a few drops with each use, massaged gently into the face and neck on cleansed skin. 

2. Where in my skin routine do I use Psalm 1 Nourishing Face Oil?

We recommend Psalm 1 Nourishing Face Oil to be applied after cleansing as a second step in your skincare routine. If you use other serums, apply them before the oil. Please consult your doctor if you have any skin sensitivities. Our oil complements well with other skincare products, but we caution clients to be mindful of their personal skin sensitivities. 

3. Will Psalm 1 Nourishing Face Oil impact my sensitive skin?

Psalm 1 Nourishing Face Oil is tailored for people with sensitive skin and its unique formula has been created for the purposes of promoting healing, calming inflammation, soothing redness and repairing the skin.

4. How do I know if I’m using too much or too little?

Our recommendation is a few drops of Psalm 1 Nourishing Face Oil daily. However, depending on your specific skin type and needs, you can use more or less. Consistency in skincare is key for the skin to find balance and maintain its health. We suggest using Psalm 1 regularly but adjusting the amount as you need until you find the right amount for your sustained healthy glow. For most people with normal skin type, it is between 1-3 drops. Most customers have found the right amount for their skin within a week of using our product. 


5. Is Psalm 1 Nourishing Face Oil only for my face? 

While Psalm 1 Nourishing Face Oil is made specifically for the face, our product is safe and can be used anywhere on the body. Please note that all our oils are made for external use only.  


6. What is Psalm 1 Nourishing Face Oil made of?


Psalm 1 Nourishing Face Oil is made of four organic curated ingredients: Blue Chamomile, Juniper Berry, Lavender and Sunflower Seed Oil. You can find out more about the benefits of each flower here


7. What other products does The Jesus Oil sell?


Currently Psalm 1 Nourishing Face Oil is The Jesus Oil’s premiere product, but innovation never sleeps and we’ll have our newest products available soon! Be sure to revisit our site and follow us on Instagram @TheJesusOil to hear about new product launches. 


8. When will new products become available?


New products are coming soon! Sign up for our newsletter here to be the first to hear of new products and for special offers on our current products. Follow us on Instagram @TheJesusOil to stay up to date on product launches. 


9. Where can I buy The Jesus Oil products? 


The Jesus Oil products is available for purchase through our website and on Amazon, and we are expanding to retailers soon. Follow us on Instagram @TheJesusOil to hear more!