About Us

The heart behind The Jesus Oil is for people to experience face oils that are composed of all-natural botanical ingredients, elements that God has created to help us heal and renew our bodies through the use of natural skincare products. We value accessibility, innovation, transparency, but most of all, truth.

 We prioritize accessibility and are working to make our product line available through various distribution channels. We create innovative products, refusing to use any additives, fillers, synthetics, silicones, coloring, or harmful ingredients in our formulas. We’re also entirely transparent and forthcoming about how our products are both made and curated.

 Inspired by our own facial skincare journey, we’re able to make the most of what God has created through nature to promote healing and restoration in our bodies. The Jesus Oil is the innovation of founder Nadia Suen, an entrepreneur from New York City. Having struggled with various skin conditions (including eczema, dermatitis, and skin allergies) for many years, she was inspired to create a facial line that she, and others like her, could confidently use on a daily basis. A skincare line that doesn’t just serve as a remedy to the symptoms, but also as a solution that might improve one's overall skin condition as well.

 As a woman of profound faith, Nadia often meditates on the poems found in the book of Psalm, finding both solace and healing in the all-loving Word of God. Her passion and prayers birthed the company. The Jesus Oil launches with its first nourishing face oil, Psalm 1, targeting dryness, redness and irritation, tailored to soothe sensitive skin while infusing anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory rich ingredients into the skin.


The Brand Creator


"The dream is to see people touched by the tangible love of Jesus...healed and transformed through the gift of organic, restorative oils..."

Nadia Suen