About Us

The Jesus Oil is for you to experience a deeper relationship with Jesus. It’s skincare to help you grow your faith and encounter the love of Jesus Christ in a greater way by inviting Him into your day-to-day routine—starting with skincare. Our products are an opportunity to experience His presence in every part of our lives. It’s an invitation to allow ourselves a moment to pause, breathe, pray, and meditate on the Word of God.

An Invitation For You and Him

Every one of our bottles is inscribed with a verse from the Bible, reminding people of His love and promises every time they use our products. We strive to create a brand of natural skincare products that can also become a way of sharing the love and gospel of Jesus Christ.

Made with All-Natural Ingredients

• All-natural oils composed of organic botanical ingredients—elements that God has created to help us heal and renew our bodies.

• Innovative products without additives, fillers, synthetics, silicones, coloring, or harmful ingredients in our formulas.

• We’re transparent and forthcoming about how our products are both made and curated.


The Jesus Oil Story


"The dream is to see people touched by the tangible love of Jesus...healed and transformed through the gift of organic, restorative oils..."

Nadia Suen
Founder of The Jesus Oil


Afew years ago, I was suffering from a debilitating health condition. I experienced episodes of excruciating pain and it had gotten to the point where I had become completely bedridden. My mother had to feed me, and my dad needed to carry me to use the restroom.

At 33 years old, I felt like I was no longer living.

In the midst of all that was happening, my best friends and sisters from church were praying for me. Up until the day of my surgery, when everything in my life changed.

That evening, I woke up in the ICU, wires on both arms and throughout my body, from head to toe. The surgery was unsuccessful, but the doctors could not explain what had happened. They anxiously told me that before the surgery began, my body started to plummet, and I was suddenly dying on the surgical table .

The doctors tried whatever they could and pulled in 6 anesthesiologists to try and bring me back. After hours of panic, desperation, and a lot of medication, having tried whatever they could, my vitals gradually began to improve. The doctors could not fully explain what had happened.

When I woke up in the ICU, hearing all the stories - something in me knew God had saved me. My friends and family were praying for me all throughout that day, not knowing what was really happening. God listened to their prayers and He answered them.

I am alive today because of Him.

My brand The Jesus Oil is inspired by His love for us and the chance that we get to experience Him and love Him with every aspect of our lives in return.

The formulation of our Psalm 1 Nourishing Face Oil was given to me in a dream and through the place of prayer. I created it according to the blueprint that God had given me and I pray that it will be a blessing to all those who use it.

I believe in prayer and I believe that there is mighty working power in the name of Jesus!

In His Love,

Nadia S.